35gr ZAN Slugs Prairie Dog Hunting with FX Impact MK2


In this episode I have my Impact tuned down to shoot the 35gr ZAN Slugs at 955 FPS! This is a tune most people can achieve with the same rifle. The slugs are very accurate at this tune and are capable of long range pest control! Here are some more specs on the rifle-

FX Impact MK2 with power plenum, 700mm Superior Heavy Liner, Huma Transfer Port, FX slug power kit with pin probe, reg pressure is set to 145 bar and tuned to shoot at 955 FPS. The silencer is a Donny FL Ronin, The accessories are from Saber Tactical, and the grip is an ERGO Grips Zero angle grip. The bipod is an Accutac FC4.

The scope is an Athlon Ares ETR and I’m using a SideShot GoPro mount with the GoPro Hero 7 Black and an Eagle Vision lens.

The binoculars are the SIG KILO3000BDX

If you have any other questions just leave them in the comments section! Thanks for Watching!!!