Steamed Hams but it’s the Weirdest Fuzz Pedal Ever – Gojira FX Noise Ensemble Fuzz Review And Demo

Review and demo of Gojira FX Noise Ensemble Fuzz – weirdest guitar fuzz pedal ever (Once again – not just a weird fuzz pedal, but the weirdest!).
This is not a classic fuzz. It turns the sound of your guitar into a… strange noise. But it is called The Noise Ensemble! Maybe fans of some industrial or grunge music will like it?
The design of this pedal is a reference to The Simpsons episode – “22 Short Films About Springfield”, which later became a meme: “Steamed Hams but it’s”. Instead of knobs, there are custom miniature beer cans with the image of Principal Skinner. The first can of beer is for volume. The second is for effects – it adds all the effects at once: reverb, delay, chorus, flange, pitchshifting and vibrato. There is also an additional function on this pedal – loop footswitch.
When I first saw pedals by Gojira FX, I was amazed. Simpsons, Rick and Morty, Futurama and a lot of other cool designs.
Just check their website:
or Instagram page:
Let’s be honest! This pedal is very interesting. But this is a very unusual pedal.
If you want to play something classic – then this pedal is not for you.
Gojira FX makes a lot of more useful pedals. Tube Screamer, Big Muff, Rat style pedals.
But if you want to try something very uncommon or experimental then this pedal is for you.
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